MIZA Wet Film Coating Applicator LCD Digital Adjustable

MIZA Digital LCD Adjustable Wet Film Coating Applicator for EXTREME Accuracy

The MIZA Adjustable Wet Film Coating Applicator 

is used to evaluate slight differences in film thicknesses accurately. It operates by adjusting the two micrometers which in turn adjusts the height of the scraper thus opening or closing the film gap.

Technical Specifications: MIZA LCD Digital Adjustable Wet Film Coating Applicator:

  • Graduations in 1µm 0.001mm, (0.00005")
  • Stainless steel for outstanding wear resistance
  • 5 film widths available: 100mm-150mm-200mm-250mm-300mm, (4"-6"-8"-10"-12")
  • Precision  ±1µm
  • The Digital Micrometer reads in both Metric and Imperial scales
  • Adjustable Film Thickness Range: (0-3500µm) 0-138mil


Features: MIZA Digital Adjustable Wet Film Coating Applicator:

  • Our most accurate Digital Adjustable Applicator with 1µm increments
  • Adjustable Gaps with Digital Accuracy for maximum flexibility in creating unlimited film thicknesses in 1µm increments
  • Numeric Easy to Adjust LCD Digital Micrometer for speedy accurate adjustment
  • 3500 different Digital Gap Clearances with the LCD screen available with one unit
  • LCD Digital Micrometers are inherently much more accurate and offer more precise measurement devices for extreme accuracy in film thicknesses. 
  • The Digital Adjustable Micrometer Applicator magnetic design makes for QUICK Disassembly for EASY Cleaning after use
  • The LCD DIGITAL Micrometer Applicator model comes in five different film gap widths for your convenience. Pick the correct size from the selector on the top of this page. Choose from 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, and 250mm film width.



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