Oven Loggermaster

Overview of Oven Loggermaster:

BEVS Oven Loggermaster is the latest generation of Oven Temperature Logger for robust, comprehensive, intelligent and easy-to-use application in measuring and storing the temperature profiles of both the sample and the oven during the cure process. The recorded data can be downloaded to the loggermaster software for a comprehensive evaluation of the oven conditions.

Technical Specifications of the Oven Loggermaster:

  • Range: 0„ƒ1200„ƒ 
  • Accuracy:± 0. 3„ƒ
  • Resolution: 0.1„ƒ
  • Probe type:K type 
  • Channel: 6
  • Operation temperatureï¼Å¡32~140°F (0~60„ƒ)
  • Interval: From1second to 1hour
  • Interface: USB Batteries: 3À”1.5AA type
  • Battery life: 1200 hours continuous use or 10000 hours stand-by
  • Size: 3.35x4.13x1.1inches (85À”105À”30 mm)

Features of the Oven Loggermaster:

  • Measures up to 6 channels  in one time
  • Long battery life
  • Large screen for numerical or graphical display of data  
  • USB interface provides easy data transfer for evaluation
  • High quality thermo couple type K probes
  • Measures temperature both horizontally and vertically as the component is passed through the cure process
  • Starts and stops logging at a pre-set temperature
  • Memory stores up to 260,000 readings         

Flexible Evaluation of Data:

  • Quick display- the logger information shows the maximum temperature and data percentage or graphic representation for each probe.
  • Extensive analysis - downloadable data to PCï¼Å’ comprehensive calculations and full customized reports are attained since each system is supplied with the powerful analysis software.

Thermal Insulation Systems:

  • All BEVS2301 recorder is equipped with a high-quality thermal insulation system.
  • The insulation box is equipped with advanced stainless steel shell, which can be customized according to the demand for other purposes

Probe Type:

A wide range of K-Type temperature probes is available with 1.5m , 3m or 6 m  cable length.

Order Information of Probe:

Order No. Cable Length (m) Cable Type Application Probe type  Max. T.(„ƒ)
 PL8001/02/03    1.5/3.0/6.0   teflon  air clamp 300
 PL8004/05/06   1.5/3.0/6.0   teflon  air magnetic  300 
 PL8007/08/09   1.5/3.0/6.0   teflon  surface clamp  300 
 PL8010/11/12   1.5/3.0/6.0   teflon  surface magnetic  300
 PL8013/14/15   1.5/3.0/6.0   teflon universal ring ∀¦ 6mm  300 
 PL8016/17/18   1.5/3.0/6.0   teflon universal   wire 300
 PL8019/20    1.5/3.0  ss braided lead surface magnetic  480
 PL8021/22    1.5/3.0  ss braided lead surface  clamp  480 
 PL8023/24    1.5/3.0  ss braided lead universal  ring Ã¢Ë†€¦ 6mm  480
PL8025/26/27 1.5/3.0/6.0 ss braided lead air   clamp 480 
PL8028/29/30 1.5/3.0/6.0    universal          bendable HT universal   ring Ã¢Ë†€¦ 6mm  1000

Order Information: 

BEVS 2301 Oven Loggermaster

300„ƒ Thermal Insulation System  500„ƒ Thermal Insulation System
BEVS 2302 Insulation Box (Insulation Gasket Included) BEVS 2303 Insulation Box (Insulation Gasket Included)
BEVS 2302/3 Heat Absorber BEVS 2303/3 Heat Absorber 
BEVS 2302/6 Insulation Gasket BEVS 2303/6 Insulation Gasket



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