NovoGloss Lite 45° Single Angle Gloss Meter

Rhopoint NGL45

This meter is discontinued. May we suggest this 45° Gloss Meter

Comes Complete With Standards Dimensions
white checkmark Novo Gloss Lite 45°
white checkmark Rugged Carrying Case
white checkmark Calibration Standard - 93GU
white checkmark Novo-SoftTM QA Software CD
white checkmark Data Cable
white checkmark BAM traceable calibration certificate
white checkmark Quick Start Guide
white checkmark Alkaline Batteries
white checkmark Screwdriver
BS 6161 
JIS 8741 
5 (w) x 10 (h) x 12.5 (l) cm
Range Repeatability Reproducibility
0 - 99.9 GU 
0 -1000 GU
0.2 GU 
0.2 %
0.5 GU 
0.5 %
Cat No. Description Geometry Application Measuring Area
NGL45 Novo Gloss Lite 45 ° 45 ° ceramics 
20°- 8 x 15mm Ellipse
20°- Ø11mm
Novo Gloss Lite Calibration Tile Rugged Carrying Case Novo Gloss 45 screen closeup
The Novo Gloss Lite offers the Industry's ONLY Two (2) Year Comprehensive Glossmeter Warranty + Lifetime Lamp Warranty.

The Novo Gloss Lite is without a doubt one of the world's best value 45 degree quality angle glossmeter. This purchase guarantees you a quality gloss meter. The Novo Gloss Lite 45 offers you excellent specifications, a long 2 Year Warranty, and many other features. A beautiful ergonomic unit with super clear LCD display.

We are the U.S. and Canadian Authorized distributor for glossmeters, haze, color and other physical testing equipment. We only supply our customers with quality reputable equipment ensuring it will not be returned to us. For a select time we are offering the Novo Gloss Lite 45 Glossmeter at the lowest available price in the Americas. "Offer expires when this message is removed from this website."

  • Digital Large LCD Readout to 0.1% Accuracy
  • Calibrate on a standard that matches your sample to increase accuracy (available - call)
  • Non-destructive gloss measurement
  • Single measurement of 45 degrees optimized for gloss testing on specialized materials such as film, ceramics, textiles, and metals.
  • Fully Statistical model
  • Large, clear, easy to read display giving meaningful readings
  • Continuous function enables user to "SCAN" the product quickly
  • 15,000+ measurements on one set of batteries (Longest in Industry)
  • Automatic power cutoff switches "Off" when not in use to save battery
  • Standard with EN, FR, D, NL, ESP, IT, TK, CZ languages
  • Resolution: 0.1 GU
  • Repeatability: 0.2%
  • Reproducibility: 0.5 GU
  • Range: 0 - 1000GU
  • Angle: 45°
  • Battery Type: AAA
  • Battery Life: 15,000+ Readings
  • Year Designed: 2006
Optional Equipment:
  • Gloss Tiles: These can be used for two purposes. Only with a Rhopoint Novo Gloss can you calibrate on a standard that more closely matches your samples for improved results. The second reason would be to check the glossmeter for long term repeatability as a checking standard.
  • $ 299. - High Gloss Included with the purchase of a Lite 45 glossmeter
  • $ 399. - Low Gloss (10.0 GU at 60°)
  • $ 399. - Medium Gloss (50.0 GU at 60°)
  • $ 299. - Mirror Gloss (1830.0 GU at 60°)
  • $ 175. - Zero Gloss Included with the purchase of a Lite 45 glossmeter

To Purchase a glossmeter with an additional Gloss Tile, please call our sales department :
Toll Free at : 1-866-462-6832.

11 Reasons to Purchase the Novo Gloss Lite TODAY
  1. Best Value Glossmeter in the Industry
  2. Same Measurement Specs as the more expensive Glossmeters (including table top at 4 times the price)
  3. Longest Battery Life on Market - 15000+ readings, - no need for costly AC Adapter
  4. Longest Most Comprehensive WARRANTY - 2 Full Years
  5. Lifetime Warranty on Lamp
  6. New Ergonomic and Lighter Design - 2006
  7. Quality Engineering by Rhopoint of England
  8. Free Novo-Soft Quality Assurance Software
  9. Lowest Price Guaranteed - 110% Money Back Guarantee
  10. Gloss Measurement Satisfaction Guaranteed
  11. A corporation in business serving customers since the 90's with satisfaction - BBB Member

Every Quality Laboratory should have a Gloss Meter, make it a Novo Gloss. Why wait? Best Price - Best Warranty - Best Quality of Measurement.


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