*MIZA 60T - 60° Tiny Spot 1.5x3mm Gloss Meter for Flat or Curved Surfaces

MIZA 60T 60° Tiny Spot Gloss Meter

1.5x3mm Tiny Spot Gloss Measurement for Flat or Curved Surfaces (as good as and rivals with Rhopoint Novo Curve and BYK 60XS)

The MIZA Small Spot Measurement Glossmeter with a measurement spot of 1.5x3mm is specifically made to measure gloss on very small flat or curved surfaces with normal sheen or gloss values. This MIZA gloss meter will measure very repeatably and accurately were more expensive standard gloss meters like the Rhopoint NG or BYK 60 cannot and measures as well a the Rhopoint Novo Curve. We Guarantee it because we have tested it in our laboratory.

In the past, a tabletop Novo Curve costing ~$4,000 or a BYK also around ~$3,000 would have been used. Now we have a North American Serviced and Tested alternative with a much lower price point for you. This MIZA ASTM D-523 measurement small spot area gloss meter fits in the palm of your hand or even pocket while the more expensive large & heavy Rhopoint Novo Curve sits on a table. This small spot area meter is portable and can be with you all the time in the factory or in the field. It uses an AA battery while the alternative tabletop uses AC power only. Customers with a Rhopoint Novo Curve have switched to this MIZA 60T model.



12 Satisfaction Reasons with MIZA 60T Small Area Measurement Spot Glossmeter GJ-10800

  1. The correct gloss meter for an extremely small spot / tiny area measurement on flat surfaces
  2. The correct gloss meter for an extremely tiny area / small spot measurement on curved convex samples
  3. ASTM American Standard D-523. Measures as well as the very much more expensive BYK or Novo Curve.
  4. The Longest Comprehensive WARRANTY in North America - 3 Full Years
  5. North American Warranty honored right here in the USA and Canada.
  6. Quality Service HERE by the gloss experts at Imbotec Group; the Glossmeter Specialists since 2000
  7. Calibration Service and Certificate by Imbotec Group
  8. Not sure? Trust and send us samples for Measurement - a fee applies BUT will be 100% refundable upon purchase or will be free/refunded if we cannot measure the sample correctly.
  9. Gloss Measurement Satisfaction Guaranteed for non-metallic or super high shiny objects like a mirror. For mirror see GJ-10810
  10. Purchase from a corporation serving customers in the USA & Canada for 2 decades with 100% satisfaction. Built-in trust with an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau "BBB"
  11. Free Shipping across mainland USA & Canada by courier with delivery in under 3 days 
  12. Our Customers include Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Harvard University, US Army, etc.


 Applications MIZA 60T

  • This MIZA gloss meter can be used on any standard finished curved or small flat-convex solid surface that is difficult to measure with a standard gloss meter.
  • The MIZA small spot measurement gloss meter is used on coatings such as paints, varnishes, ink, or on any other surface with a flat or non-flat convex surface. 
  • The GJ-10800 can be used on decorative materials, such as wood, plastic, marble, granite, ceramic tile, paper, architectural findings, etc.

FEATURES - Small Spot Measurement 60° Gloss meter 60T

  • Large digital clear and easy to read display giving meaningful readings
  • Used where other gloss meters cannot be used
  • Convenient, Portable & very light that fits in a small pocket

 Box Contains


  • Small Measurement Spot Area Gloss Meter 1.5x3mm
  • Holder with built-in Calibration Tile
  • Traceable Certificate
  • User's Manual
  • Protective Carrying Bag
  • Wrist Strap
  • Battery 
  • 3 Year Warranty

Service Gloss


  • If the gloss meter ever requires warranty service, it will be performed right here in North America.
  • MIZA Technical Support and Quality Annual Calibrations performed HERE in North America Toll-Free 800-462-6832.




This meter comes with a 3 (THREE) year warranty. 



  • Range: 0 - 200 GU
  • Repeatability: ±0.1GU
  • Resolution: 0.1GU
  • Measurement Area: 3x1.5mm ellipse
  • Measurement Aperture: 5/32"x5/64" (4x2mm)
  • Incidence Angle: 60°
  • Dimensions: 5x1.5x2.5" (123x38x65mm)
  • Weight: 0.7 lbs (300g)
  • Power: One AA battery 



Not for use on highly polished metals or mirrors.

For Super HIGH GLOSS, highly Polished metal, or mirrors, see the MIZA 60TSHR GJ-10810

For Very LOW GLOSS with readings under 10GU, see the MIZA 60TSLR GJ-10820



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