*MIZA 45° Gloss Meter for Glass, Ceramic & Film

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Miza GJ-11100 45° Gloss & Haze Meter  with a North American Certificate of Calibration performed in America 

The MIZA 45 Gloss Meter conforms to our American Standards; ASTM D523, D2457 for plastics, C346 for Ceramics. This 45° glossmeter comes with a Calibration Certificate performed on ISO certified Calibration standards. This MIZA 45 is both a Gloss and a Haze meter at 45 degrees.

The MIZA GJ-11100 45-degree gloss meter mostly for the glass industry is the world's best value & most accurate to ASTM / ISO BAM standards for the money. An Important Note here is that expensive meters and ours are all calibrated to American Standards while all the cheaper gloss meters are not, but calibrated to a Chinese standard that is measured differently from our American gloss values. These two measurement modes are not the same and will give you erroneous values. 

Each meter is rigorously checked and calibrated by an American using North American Certified Physical Standards. We then produce a Certificate with measured values versus the calibrated standard values to provide customers with proof that the purchased meter is as accurate as one worth a thousand dollars more from Europe. That's our accuracy/precision guarantee and that is why we provide the industry's longest gloss meter three-year warranty. The full MIZA line can be annually calibrated and certified locally, guaranteeing long-term accuracy and short turnarounds by us. Imbotec offers you a unique three-year warranty ensuring your long-term peace of mind. The MIZA 45 gloss meter is a beautifully designed ergonomic unit with a super clear high-resolution LCD display with a high contrast ratio for easy reading.

Imbotec Group is a U.S. & Canadian manufacturer & distributor selling, calibrating, and repairing gloss meters for over two decades while its president has over 30 years of experience in gloss and appearance. Understandably, we know gloss measurement technology, having manufactured gloss sensors for online applications.

Gloss studies on special products and coatings are also performed in our laboratory with comparison results offered and conclusions.

We also provide haze transmission clarity, color, and other coating physical testing instruments & equipment.  


Cost of Ownership with a MIZA 45 Glossmeter

Over a 5 year period, our savings in calibration costs will be around $1000 and our gloss meters are normally around 75% of the western world gloss meter competition. This amounts to a 5-year savings of $1,500 to $2,000.


Miza GJ-11100 45 Degree Gloss Meter Applications:

The MIZA 45° is to be used on only finished flat surfaces. This meter can be used on any solid surface with a surface appearance from matt to a highly polished surface.
  • Ceramics as in floor tiles and plates

  • Glass users and manufacturers

  • Plastic Films all are measured using a 45 angle gloss meter

  • For Stone materials, such as marble, granite, ceramic tile, etc., use a standard 60°

  • For normal materials such as paint, coatings, plastic, and wood, see our 20/60/85 versions. 

  • For Paper, see our TAPPI 75° Gloss Meter.

  • For Vinyl, see our 75° Vinyl Gloss Meter




    Miza GJ-11100 Glossmeter Features: 

    • Traceable to NIST Certificate with Gloss Values

    • Three (3) Full Years of Warranty - Longest Warranty in the Industry

    • ASTM D2457 for Plastics

    • ASTM C346 for Ceramics

    • Approved by Major Glass Companies "Trustworthy after Testing"

    • Certified by the Imbotec Laboratory to N. American Standards

    • Memory: 10,000 measurements

    • Power: A single AA battery

    • English Instruction Manual is written by an English native speaker

    • The meter measures both Gloss and Reflective Haze

    • Performs statistical averaging at your request

    • Calibrations & Certifications are performed annually & locally by us.


     GJ-11100 Warranty & Service: 

    • Warranty: Three (3) Full Years in North America

    • Technical support and quality calibrations are performed HERE in North America.



    GJ-11100 Specifications:

    • Measuring Range: 0 - 1000 GU 
    • Resolution:0.1
    • Reprocability 0.5 GU
    • Reapatability: 0.2 GU
    • Measuring Area: 8 x 20 mm
    • Measuring Angle: 45° 
    • Ext. Dimension: 6x2x3" (155 x 48 x 75 mm)
    • Weight: 0.88lbs (400g)
    • Power Supply: 1 AA battery
    • Standards Gloss: ASTM C346, D2457 ISO 2813
    • Standards Haze: ASTM D 4039




    12 Great Reasons to Purchase the Miza GJ-10400 Glossmeter TODAY

    1. Built for North American demanding customers

    2. American ASTM Standards C346 and D2457 Design. Measures as or better than a very expensive Western European made Gloss Meter

    3. Certified and Tested to measure as well or better than more expensive gloss meters. Performed at the Imbotec Laboratory and has over a decade of experience in Gloss Meter Calibrations and Certifications

    4. The Longest Comprehensive WARRANTY for a Gloss Meter- 3 Full Years Warranty

    5. This US Version has a North American Warranty honored here in North America.  Note: many lower-cost versions must go back to China and others to Europe.

    6. Quality Service performed by Factory Trained Gloss Meter Specialists at the Imbotec Laboratory in North America (Glossmeter Specialist)

    7. Calibration Service by Imbotec Group in North America

    8. If you are not sure, you can send samples in for Measurement - a small fee applies but is 100% refundable upon purchase or free if we can't measure it.

    9. Gloss Measurement Satisfaction Guaranteed 

    10. A corporation serving customers since the 90's with 100% satisfaction with A+ rating at BBB

    11. Free Shipping across the USA and Canada Mainland (web orders only)

    12. Our Customers include Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Harvard University, Textron, US Army, CDN Army, etc.


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