Laboratory Mixer 1.0 HP Manual Lift Blades 2-3-4-5 L 6K rpm

The CA-11000 series of Laboratory Mixers use a Variable-frequency drive to adjust speed and torque.

With an advanced touch-screen control design, this instrument allows you to disperse, mix or grind by changing the available impellers.

Speed (RPM) and dispersing time are controlled through its touch-screen. This is the best tool for R&D, laboratory and spot testing.

Application of Laboratory Mixer:

This Laboratory Mixer can be used for high-speed stir, dissolution and dispersion of liquid and solidification material in coatings, paint, ink, pigments, cosmetics, foodstuff, resin, adhesive, latex, medicine, petroleum and other fields.


Technical Specifications of the Laboratory Mixer:

Touch-screen control and emergency stop switch
Time Adjustable
Maximum Dispersion Volume: 10L
Maximum Speed: 9000 rpm
Minimum Speed: 30rpm
Electric motor: Variable-frequency drive
Milling disc: available
Power: 0.7HP (550W)
Lifting Distance: 9.8 in (250mm)
Lifting Type: Manual
Standard equipped with 4 discs.

Double Wall Container is not Included.


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