Horiba IG-331 - Dual Angle

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Horiba IG-331 Gloss Checker - Dual Angle

The IG-331 provides a measured value to confirm visual gloss observations reducing human error.


High-Efficiency Measurements Enables Easy 
Switching of Measuring Angles (60° and 20°)

The flexible, remote connection of the probe to the display unit ensures greater work efficiency and safety in all applications. Guaranteeing uniform production quality and standards for gloss measurement. HORIBA's IG-331 Gloss Checker displays gloss measurements as numerical data, eliminating ambiguity and ensuring objective evaluation of a product's quality. Compact in design and ready when powered on, all the user needs to do is hold the lightweight IG-331 sensing head against the surface being evaluated for quality control of paints, polishes, floor maintenance and many other industrial applications while reading the numbers on the display attached to the head by a long telephone style coiled cord.

One-Touch Calibration

Just press the calibration key (CAL) to start automatic, calibration.

Selectable Measuring Angle (60° or 20°)

Choose 60° for standard gloss measurements. For high-gloss surfaces with gloss values between 70 to 100, simply switch to the 20° measuring angle. The selectable angle feature makes it easy to measure highly glossy surfaces.

Versatile Applications

Paint Gloss

For gloss quality control testing of painted
surfaces, exposure panel gloss level
testing, and gloss and luster testing 
of the coating.


Aeronautical & Automotive Gloss and Gloss of Structures

Use a gloss checker to determine level of cleaning or waxing condition of vehicles, and for checking finishes of touch ups

Gloss measurements for bridges, iron or steel frames, and structures or prefabricated structures, and diagnosis of deterioration of billboards, steel towers and more.

Ink Glossiness and Varnish Coatings for Printed Matter

Evaluation of embellishing properties in varnishing stage (lamination, endless processing, etc); evaluation of time-induced change and uniformity of surface after drying process; checking paper surface condition. We also manufacture the GL-SR75 Gloss Sensor for non-contact real-time gloss data on the presses.


Checking External Appearance of Plastic Molding

Gloss meters to check the external appearance of molded resin products and for the evaluation of weather resistance.

Checking Building & Masonry Finishes

Important when assuring uniform finish and inspection of external gloss appearance for stone, wood, concrete, aluminum sashes and other material.


Floor Maintenance and Concrete Polishing Needs

Gloss inspection of waxed floor finishes in hotels, office buildings and stores affect customers. The inspection of concrete floors in stores such as Home Depot or Lowes. Gloss measurement for Polished Concrete contractors.

Other Uses

Washability of Detergents
and Washers

Gloss Checkers are used to determine and compare the performance of detergents and washers.

Wood Surfaces

check the gloss levels of coatings on wood surfaces.


For R&D, gloss quality inspections and appearance of films.


Gloss Quality Inspection and deterioration checks of rubber products


Gloss inspection of leather products and evaluation of leather cleaners and waxes.

Highly Polished Stainless Steel, Metals or Mirrors

The Horiba IG-331 cannot measure these materials. You require a Novo Gloss 60 or Novo Gloss 20/60 glossmeter.


Download Gloss Meter User-Application Guide
Download Horiba IG320 IG331 Specifications