Digital Surface Tension Analyzer

Standard Model DST-60

The information of the surface or interfacial tension is critically important in applications such as detergency and emulsification and is also important for many biological processes. Especially, the Du-nouy Ring method and the Wilhelmy Plate method are commonly used for measuring surface and interfacial tensions.

The DST-60 is precise tension meters(with Digital LCD display) for the measurement of surface(Liquid-vapor) & interfacial(Liquid-Liquid) tension using both the Du-Nouy ring and Wilhelmy plate.

The DST-60 is an upgraded version of the automatic system and can measure the surface and interface tensions automatically and precisely using the Du-Nouy Ring method or Wilhelmy Plate method. Also, the DST-60 is to be able to transmit data to the Software, you can more easily manage the data.

The surface and interface tension results can be gotten quickly with no additional calculations and the measured result and data can be shown easily on the LCD display and expert excel


The DST-60 system is designed for Educational, Quality Control, and other multiple user applications, By simply operating the sample stage manually, you can get the surface / interface tension results quickly with no additional calculations. This system has two kinds of controllers for precisely operating the sample stage so that the accuracy and reliability of results can be higher.


 Model  DST-60
 Methods  Du-nouy Ring, Wilhelmy Plate
 Sample Stage Operation  Automatic Lift Stage
 Weight Resolution  0.1 mg
 Surface Tension Accuracy  ±0.01 mN/m
 Measure Range  1~1000 mN/m
 Liquid Vessel  Glass container (150ml)
 Temperature Control(„ƒ)  -10~100 „ƒ
 Max Capacity  250 g
 Power Supply  110 to 220 VAC 50 to 60 Hz
 Dimension (L x W x H, in / mm)  12.2 x 11.8 x 18.1 / 310 x 300 x 460
 Weight  15 kg


Pt Ring
Pt Plate
Heat / Cool Circulator (-10 to 100)
Dual Chamber for temp. control
Clean Glass (100ea/box)



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