Delmhorst TechCheck PLUS Moisture Meter Package

Overview of Delmhorst TechCheck PLUS Moisture Meter Package:

The Delmhorst TechCheck PLUS Package, includes the 2-in-1 TechCheck Meter, a carrying case and a 21-E electrode.  This package is great for measuring moisture in hard to reach places thanks to the 21-E Hand electrode.

Delmhorst Instrument Co., introduces TechCheck, an easy to use moisture meter designed with the technician in mind. We know that building inspections are often in dark, difficult to reach spaces. TechCheck offers advanced features such as back lit display, user adjustable alarm, and HOLD feature that make even the most demanding inspection simple. And, with seamless integration of pin and pin-less moisture measurement modes and all new streamlined user interface, TechCheck is the simplest and most versatile meter for the job.

The Delmhorst TechCheck PLUS is the perfect tool when given the challenging conditions of building inspection, installation, and drying jobs.  It pays to have an easy-to-use moisture meter that you can depend on. The TechCheck PLUS is an easy-to-use 2-in-1 moisture meter and was designed with simplicity in mind and helps to make even the most demanding job simple.

The Delmhorst TechCheck Plus can also be purchased as a package called the .  The newly updated TechCheck PLUS has all the great features you've come to expect, along with some new ones.

Features of the Delmhorst TechCheck PLUS Moisture Meter:

  • Bright, clear digital display
  • 0.1% - 6% drywall scale in Pin Mode
  • 6%-60% MC wood scale in Pin Mode
  • 0-300 Ref. Scale in Scan Mode
  • Built-in connector accepts any Delmhorst electrode
  • Spanish language option
  • Adjustable alarm set to when specific MC is reached
  • Built in backlight

Specifications of the Delmhorst TechCheck PLUS Moisture Meter:

  • Size: 8 ½"  x 3 3/8" x 1 ¾"
  • Weight: 11 oz
  • 9V Battery
  • 1yr warranty



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