Cross-Hatch Cutter Complete Kit

ASTM test D3559 is used to qualitatively assess the adhesion of a film to a metal substrate by applying and removing pressure-sensitive tape over cuts previously made to a sample. The Cross-Hatch Cutter is the right tool for the job.

According to the standard, in method A; an €œX€ is cut through the film and a pressure-sensitive tape is applied over the cut and then removed.  The adhesion is evaluated on a 0 to 5 scale.

In method B; a perpendicular lattice pattern with either six or eleven cuts in each direction is made through the film and pressure-sensitive tape is applied over the lattice and then removed. The adhesion is evaluated on a 0 to 5 scale according to the following guide:



The edges of the cuts are completely smooth.



The area affected by the detachment of flakes is less than 5%.



The coating has flaked along the edges of the cuts.

Area affected is between 5% and 15%.




Peeling has occurred along the cuts affecting a total

area between 15% and 35%.





Significant flaking has occurred. The total area

affected is between 35% and 65%.




More than 65% of the cut area has been affected by peeling. __0B__

ASTM D3359 is often used to evaluate coating adhesion after an aging process

The Cross-Hatch Cutter is available in various configurations based on the number and separation of the blades. It can also be used for testing the adhesion of paint according to  ISO 2409-1992 standards. The cutting head comes with four sets of blades, and replacement heads are available. Replacing or rotating the blades is quick and simple.

Complete Kit Contents:

  • Cross Hatch Cutter
  • Padded Hard Case
  • Hexagonal Key
  • Brush
  • Magnifier
  • Tape

Specifications of the Cross-Hatch Cutter:

Gap: 1mm
Number of blades: 11
Cutting Edges: 8
Coating Thickness:0 to 2.4mil (0 to 60 µm)
Standard:ASTM D3359


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