Returns - Imbotec

Imbotec Group provides refunds only for defective products purchased directly from our website: or  If you purchased one of our products from a retailer, or Amazon, you must RETURN the product to the original selling company / retailer (not to us) subject to the terms and conditions of the retailer’s refund policy. Imbotec has the sole and exclusive right to determine if a product is defective for a RETURN. If a product is deemed by Imbotec to be defective, we will refund the purchase price to the credit card on file after it is RETURNED. If the product was purchased with an Imbotec gift card, Imbotec will issue an Imbotec gift card in the amount of the purchase price. Minor damage to packaging is not considered "defective."

PACKAGING of Returns

Returns are to be packaged in the original box and carton or a suitable box with packaging material to provide protection against damage during the return courier trip.

Shipment Service for Returns

Tracked Courier Service shall be used for ALL Shipping for ALL RETURNED Products as used on the original order to you.