Calibration of Instruments & Meters to ISO - ASTM Standards


Our In-house team of Calibration experts calibrate instruments of different scopes:    

Service Moisture
Gloss Meter
Calibration Service

Service Humidity
Calibration Service
Service Moisture
Moisture Meter
Calibration Service


Service Transmission Haze

Transmission Haze Calibration Service

Service Coating Thickness

Coating Thickness Calibration Service

Imbotec Group has been calibrating and certifying Meters & Instruments for local and large businesses in the USA and Canada for close to two decades to ISO and ASTM Standards. We started the calibration service with glossmeters from BYK, Rhopoint, Horiba, and many other glossmeters. At the same time, we then branched out to Moisture meters, Coating Thickness Gauges, Transmission Haze Instruments, Profilometers, Psychrometers and more.  Imbotec Group, since the beginning, provided a Pre- and Post-condition analysis with values for both states so customers can analyze how good or bad their instrument was as received compared to as calibrated. This, in reality, is the essence of ISO 17025 with competent, knowledgeable calibration and instrumentation background. We have provided this service since our inception by our founder, an engineer.

Laboratory Environmental Conditions

In-house calibrations are performed in our environmentally-controlled laboratory, using state-of-the-art reference standards. Take advantage of our state of the art ISO Calibration Lab for exact calibration measures on your instruments.


We perform a wide range of in-house and on-site calibration services (during non-COVID) that are traceable to international and national ISO and ASTM standards.

On-site (during non-COVID) calibrations are provided at our customers' locations using traceable reference standards. These on-site calibrations are especially useful for in-line measurements and process control.

Standard practice is to ship us your instrument by courier for trackability that is facilitated through our service personnel for seamless transfer to us. 

For the last decade, our Calibration Customers have come to us from Mexico, USA, Canada and Asia. Speaking native Spanish, English and French have helped us grow our customer base throughout North America.

Turnaround Time

We have some of the lowest turnaround times in USA and Canada.

Normal Turnaround Time is 3-5 business days or sooner or 5-7 days during COVID. During COVID, we wait 24 hours before opening a package, then sanitize all instruments with Alcohol swabs before checking the meter.

If Calibration Fails

If calibration and certification are not possible due to a failed calibration, we offer repair and spare parts services. However, if an in-depth repair is required, such as a new motherboard, we will determine if the repair is economically beneficial or beyond economical repair and advise you. If it is economically feasible, we will transfer the instrument to the manufacturer after receiving the customer's approval. However, if not economical, we will assist the customer in purchasing a replacement unit designed to meet customer requirements.

Period of Instrument Calibration

Annual calibrations are highly recommended for maintaining the accuracy of your instrument to the manufacturer's specifications. Annual calibrations help to prolong accurate and repeatable measurements along with a long instrument life, thus saving you money. Savings are increased while liability is decreased by producing certifiable accurate product specifications during the instrument's long life.

ISO Certificates

All calibration services include a traceable ISO or ISO17025 accredited or NIST calibration certificate.