Wet Abrasion Washability Scrub Tester ASTM D2486 Nylon

ASTM D2486 Wet Abrasion and Washability - Scrub Tester with Nylon Brushes

SKU: CA-12400

Abrasion or Wear Resistance of a product being washed is a very important quality measure for both paints and coatings. How can we measure this? It can be accomplished by having a system that duplicates hand washing with a sponge, nylon brush, abrasive pad, or a natural bristle brush for a designated number of repetitive cycles. After the test is complete, compare the sample originally to the one after the abrasion test. You can compare samples by using a Gloss Meter for dullness,  or you can measure the weight difference before and after, or by measuring the color difference between the original sample versus the washed sample.

All Four MIZA models are used to test the abrasion, scrub, and washability performance of many types of materials. The MIZA models perform abrasion scrub washability tests in wet or dry conditions. To see all four models scroll to the bottom of this page.

The MIZA Scrub Washability Testers come with a large touch screen for quick and simple control of cycles, flow, etc., and are widely used in water-based coating applications for wear resistance.

The ASTM D2486 Wet Abrasion and Washability - Scrub Tester with Nylon Brushes (MIZA CA-12400) comes with two one-pound weights that are used to test the abrasion, scrub, and washability performance of your products, usually a coating like paint as per ASTM D2486. This instrument is built tough to last many years. This very versatile instrument allows you to perform the tests under either dry conditions or wet conditions through the LCD display. A peristaltic built-in pump and a water solution bottle and tubing are all included in this package. As an added benefit we also include two spare brushes for even longer satisfaction. All our equipment comes with an extended 3-year warranty from us. 


Washability Scrub Standards ASTM D3450, ASTM D2486, ISO 11998 & DIN 53778

  • The MIZA CA-12400 Washability Tester can use a wide variety of attachments to meet different International Standards.
  • All our attachments can be used to meet ASTM, DIN, and ISO Standards.
  • Easily meet different standards within a few minutes.
  • Use thin or thick samples for the Scrub Washability test that are 0-25 mm thick.


Use a Nylon Brush to test coatings, paint, leather, wood, plastic, printing materials, and textiles, etc. 

Interchangeable Attachments to meet Standards

  • Use different brushes and/or different weights to meet your standards for ASTM, ISO, and DIN standards.
  • Our Washability instrument makes it easy to meet many standards quickly.
  • Ideal for large corporations needing to meet different standards.

Testing Parameter Control - Touch Screen

  • Easily control and adjust the Solution Flow through the Touch Screen.
  • Adjust the number of washability - Scrub Cycles through the Touch Screen.
  • Turn the Solution Flow ON-OFF through the Touch Screen.

Technical Specification:

  • Scrub rate: ISO Standard of 37±1 cycles/min
  • Stroke setting: 0-9999
  • Test Panel Thickness range: 0-25 mm
  • Dimensions: 53 x 50 x 33cm
  • Weight: 40kg (88lb.)

This Solution Comes With:

  • MIZA CA-12400 Instrument
  • 2 Nylon Brushes
  • 2-10mil Brass Shim 325x12.7x0.25mm  "1/2" x 10mil"
  • 2 Rubber Pads
  • As an Added Bonus:  2 nylon brushes, 2 pads, and 2 more shims!
  • Solution drip tray
  • Glass Plate
  • Holding Frame
  • Liquid Dosing Bottle
  • Tubing
  • 120V Cable
  • Instruction Manual 

Four Wet Scrub Washability Tester Models to meet your Requirements with four International Standards; ASTM, ISO & DIN

4 Available Abrasion Washability Scrub Models:

CA-12300 Wet Abrasion Washability Scrub Tester with DIN 53778, 2 of each: Natural Boar Bristle Brushes, 2-250g weights + 2 more Free Natural Bristle Brushes

CA-12400 Wet Abrasion Washability Scrub Tester with ASTM D2486, 2 of each: Nylon Brushes & 1lb. weights, rubber pad & shims, plus 2 more Free Nylon Brushes 

CA-12500 Wet Abrasion Washability Scrub Tester with ASTM D3450, 2 of each: Sponge Brushes, 2-750g weights + 2 more Free Sponge Brushes

CA-12600 Wet Abrasion Washability Scrub Tester with ISO 11998, 2 of each: Abrasive Pads, 2-135g weights + 10 more Free Abrasive Pads

Conversion Kits are available as add-ons for Additional Testing Capabilities Complying with more than one Standard.

CA-12310 Conversion Kit to meet Standard: DIN 53778: 2-250g weights and 2 natural bristle boar brushes 

CA-12410 Conversion Kit to meet Standard ASTM D2486: 2-454g (1lb) weights, 2 nylon brushes, 2 rubber pads with 12.7X0. 25mm brass shims

CA-12510 Conversion Kit to meet Standard: ASTM D3450: 2-1500g weights and 2 sponge brushes 

CA-12610 Conversion Kit to meet Standard: ISO 11998: 2-135g weights and 2 abrasive pad brushes 


Spare Parts - Replacement Parts - Attachments

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Black Plastic Thin Panels for Abrasion Testing. You Coat the panel. 100 sheets/box


Natural Boar Bristle Brush


Nylon Brush for ASTM D3450


Sponge Brush for ASTM D2486


Abrasive Pad Brush for ISO 11998


Solution Dosing Tank


50g Additional Weight


100g Additional Weight


200g Additional Weight


500g Additional Weight


Glass Plate 430 x 325 x 6mm


Foil Shims 325x12.7x0.25mm for ASTM D2486



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