*MIZA 75° TAPPI T480 Paper Glossmeter - 3 Year Warranty & ISO Cert.

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MIZA 75° "degree" TAPPI Gloss Meter w/Full ISO Certificate

The NEW MIZA 75° gloss meter (also glossmeter) has been re-designed for 2020 to be more accurate, more robust and has a new larger improved screen for easier reading of the data. This single angle 75° TAPPI Gloss Meter is made to only measure paper and paperboard products at 75° "degrees" under the TAPPI Standard Method. MIZA premium Glossmeters have the industry's longest warranty at three years.

 TAPPI: Technical Association of Pulp and Paper Institute

This meter replaces the old Rhopoint NG20/60/75 and is the equivalent of the BYK 75° for paper - board measurement.

This GLOSS METER is in accordance with TAPPI T480OM for paper & paperboard Standard Method.

The MIZA 75° TAPPI T480 Glossmeter by Imbotec is accurate and a robust gloss meter to measure gloss on all paper and paperboard applications at 75° degrees. This glossmeter includes a full ISO Certificate with measured values compared to the Master values. This is not a low cost in-precise gloss meter. Ours has been tested on more than a dozen different gloss standards to determine its accuracy to NIST, TAPPI & ASTM standards.

The Measuring Area on a sample is based on the TAPPI unique rectangular opening with a measurement area of 7x20mm.

The MIZA GJ-11000 is suitable for low to moderate gloss coated and uncoated papers. The TAPPI MIZA GJ-11000 measure paper gloss from 0GU to 150 GU at 75°. If you need to measure very high gloss, we also suggest and have a 20° - 60° gloss meter.

For high-gloss coated, cast-coated, lacquered, highly varnished or waxed papers, and high-gloss ink films, the 60° degree is advisable as the TAPPI standard is only for paper. See model MIZA GJ-10400

The MIZA TAPPI 75° glossmeter with a reasonable price tag competes with the very expensive meters at $4,000. Ours also has the longest warranty in the industry. The TAPPI MIZA GJ-11000 displays gloss, reflectance, and averages immediately on the screen.

Imbotec Group is a U.S. & Canadian manufacturer & distributor of many measurement laboratory products to test appearance, color, haze (both Transmission & Reflectance), gloss, coating thickness and many other physical tests in the coatings industry. We only supply our customers with reputable quality equipment that we trust.




Features of the TAPPI MIZA 75° angle gloss meter: 

  • Excellent Accuracy as measured on Imbotec's Gloss Calibration Standards traceable to NIST
  • Auto Diagnostics
  • Auto Shutoff
  • Haze Measurement Included at 75°
  • Super Easy to Use, Press on and start measuring
  • Included Certificate with Std vs. Measured Gloss Values 
  • Three 3 Full Years of Warranty - Longest in the Industry
  • Memory: 10,000 measurements
  • 20,000 TAPPI Measurements per battery
  • 1-AA battery, no charger required, thus no downtime
  • Comes with Glossmeter, glossmeter holder with calibration standard, traceable certificate, user's manual, zippered case.



Specifications of the TAPPI MIZA 75° gloss meter:

  • Gloss Standard: TAPPI T480
  • Geometry: 75°
  • Measurement Range: 0-150 GU
  • Measurement Area: (7x20mm) ellipse 140 mm² 
  • Spectral Sensitivity: CIE Illuminant C
  • Light Source: LED
  • Resolution: 0.1GU
  • Repeatability: 0.2 GU
  • Reproducability:  0.5 GU
  • Deviation: ±1.5GU
  • Zero Deviation: 0.2GU
  • Memory: 20,000 measurements
  • Operating Temperature: 41-104°F (5-40°C)
  • Storage Temperature: 14-140°F (-10 to 60°C)
  • Power: 1 AA battery (rechargeable or Alkaline)
  • Dimensions: 6x2x3" (155x48x75mm)
  • Weight: 0.89lbs (400g)
  • SKU: GJ-11000



TAPPI            T 480

ASTM            D3679     D2457

JIS                Z 8741







Benefits & Reasons to Purchase the MIZA TAPPI Gloss Meter Today:

  • Trusted Company specializing in Gloss Measurements and Gloss Calibrations for two decades
  • Certifies MIZA, BYK, Rhopoint, Elcometer, TQC, and other Gloss meters in its laboratory
  • Services and Repairs Glossmeters (MIZA, Rhopoint, KSJ, Elcometer, BYK, TQC)
  • Best Value Accurate & Repeatable TAPPI 75° Glossmeter in the Industry
  • Provides Value, Serviceability, Accuracy at a lower cost
  • Similar Measurement Specifications as a more expensive similar Glossmeter
  • Longest Most Comprehensive WARRANTY - 3 Full Years
  • New 2020 Ergonomic Design and Lighter 
  • We are a corporation in serving customers since the late 90's with consistent satisfaction - BBB Member "A+" rating



Three (3) Full Years of Warranty - Longest in the Industry

Box Contains

  • Glossmeter
  • Calibration Holder with a 75° Calibrated Black Glass Standard 
  • USB Cable 
  • Battery
  • Traceable Certificate
  • Manual Zippered Case 



Instruction Manual TAPPI 75° MIZA GJ-11000



Calibration Holder with a 75° Calibrated Black Glass Standard (SKU GJ-12275)

USB Cable (SKU GJ-12100)

Replacement Traceable Certificate (SKU GJ-00075)

Case (SKU GJ-12200)