Delmhorst FX-2000-PS Hay Moisture Meter, 10", H-4, 830-2, 831, case Deluxe Package

The Delmhorst FX-2000 Hay Moisture Meter Deluxe Package comes with the FX-2000 meter, a Power Supply and Mounting Hardware to mount to your tractor, a H-4 handle (foruse with both prods),a 10" Prod for testing Bales and High Density Bales, an 831 Short Pin Prod for testing in the windrow, a Baler Sensor with a 30ft. Cable which for allows continuous monitoring during baling, a carrying case, and a 3 year warranty.

Overview of Delmhorst FX-2000/PS Hay Moisture Meter:

The Delmhorst FX-2000 Hay Moisture Meter is the ideal instrument for on-the-go moisture monitoring. This portable digital hay moisture meter takes two readings every second, and updates every 4 seconds.  It also comes with an incredible 3 year warranty and comes with a power supply and mounting hardware to mount onto your tractor.


The FX-2000 requires a Bale Sensor for continuous moisture measurement. This unit provides automation of moisture measurement while baling.  Newer Balers may also require the Baler Sensor Extension which extends mounting bolts.  If you would like to measure hay bales in non-tractor mode (barn) this Deluxe Package is right for your because it includes 2 Probes to attach to the FX-2000 for portable use.  The FX-2000 is the state-of-the-art meter and is ideal for high-volume producers who need the time-saving convenience of on-the-go monitoring.  

For Freeman Balers, contact us so we can substitute the Split Bale Sensorinstead of the one supplied in this package, and adjust pricing appropriately.

If you do not need the Baler Sensor (Tractor Mode) the Delmhorst F-2000 Hay Moisture Meter has the same specifications as the FX-2000. 


Features of the Delmhorst FX-2000/PS Hay Moisture Meter:

  • Bright, clear digital display
  • In continuous mode;
  • Takes two readings every second
  • Displays the average and highest of eight accumulated readings
  • Readings updated every 4 seconds
  • Connects to tractor power supply
  • In portable mode;
  • Averages up to 100 accumulated readings
  • Displays average and highest of accumulated readings
  • Moisture Range: 6%-40% on hay
  • Built-in calibration check.
  • Adjustable alarm when pre-selected MC is reached

Specs of the Delmhorst FX-2000/PS Hay Moisture Meter:

  • Size: 8€ x 3€ x 1 5/8€
  • Weight 10 oz.
  • 9V Battery
  • 3 yr warranty



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