Delmhorst F-2000 18" Hay Moisture Meter Starter Deluxe Pkg.

Overview of Delmhorst F-2000 18" Starter Deluxe Pkg.:

The Delmhorst F-2000 Hay Moisture Meter Deluxe Package comes with the F-2000 Hay Moisture meter, an 18" Prod for penetrating Hay Bales and High Density Bales, a H-4 handle for the 18" Prod, a 831 Windrow Short Pin Prod, a carrying case, and a 3 year warranty.

The Delmhorst F-2000 Hay Moisture Meter measures a moisture content range of 6%-40% in standard hay bales.  The instrument averages up to 100 accumulated readings and comes with an incredible 3 year warranty.

The Delmhorst F-2000 Hay Meter is a North American designed and built Moisture measurement system for farmers to easily and most importantly accurately measure moisture in the windrow and in the bales. Hay farmers looking to bale at let's say 15% need a meter and the windrow probe to precisely indicate the optimum time to bale.  Then the long prod can be used to measure the moisture within the bale to prevent mold growth, heat creation in wetter than normal hay. The F-2000 measures moisture in the hay in the windrow (H-4 & 831 short pin prod) or for bales (H-4 & 830-2, 18" prod).

Once one fully understands the importance of accurate moisture in bales and its effect on livestock value feed, one may decide to install a system directly onto a tractor for added accuracy to determine when to stop the baling process due to too low moisture during the heat of the day.

A tractor-powered model with the same accuracy can be installed on your baler, the Delmhorst FX-2000 Hay Moisture Meter.  

Features of the Delmhorst F-2000 18" Starter Deluxe Pkg.:

  • Bright, clear digital display
  • Averages up to 100 accumulated readings
  • Displays average and highest of accumulated readings
  • Moisture Range: 6%-40%.on hay
  • Built-in calibration check for continued accuracy
  • Adjustable alarm when pre-selected MC is reached
  • Includes; F-2000 meter, 18" and Windrow probe, and hard case

Specs of the Delmhorst F-2000 18" Starter Deluxe Pkg.:

  • Size: 8 x 3 x 1 5/8"
  • Weight 10 oz.
  • 9V Battery
  • 3 yr warranty



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