Diagnostic & Repair Imbotec

Should your equipment fail during use or during our calibration process, we will diagnose and repair (with your authorization) and if required, assist with the purchase of a replacement, in order to maximize your efficiency.

Our service department repair facility was originally developed close to two decades ago to support our gloss meter customers with repair and refurbishment of their gloss meters with quick turn around times to maintain their quality control programs and the quality assurance customer programs.

Our capabilities have grown based on our North American customer requests. Imbotec Group now services all of the major and minor brands of glossmeters plus a host of other quality control measurement devices such as moisture meters, Krebs automatic viscometer, DOI meters, coating thickness gauges plus many more.


  • Super Rapid Turn Around Times with an average of 3-5 days
  • Cost savings guaranteed (compared to the OEM)
  • Absolute reliability (items are load tested and warranted)
  • Emergency Priority attention with same day top of the list service 
  • Economical Pricing for Repairs, Calibrations and Purchases
  • Single source for multiple brands, enabling vendor reduction
  • Product repair & support for discontinued equipment

Automatic Outsourcing of a Meter

An added convenience to our Customers, is when we cannot service a product, we can Outsource the meter at a competitive price.

Emergency Priority Repair / Calibration Service

We offer the Emergency Priority Repair Serviceto ensure customers have an opportunity for immediate service. Products for repair are super expedited ahead of all other products for repair. Imbotec Group at its discretion depending on workload may provide this Emergency Priority Repair Service at no extra charge, otherwise a premium will be charged.

Emergency Priority Repair Servicecan be ordered by contacting Customer Service via email or telephone in our footer.

Experienced Technicians

A Service Engineers will be assigned to the repair based on qualifications and experience. Jigs and equipment provided by the manufacturer will be used to test and repair your equipment. Once repaired, the instrument will be tested.

Inventory Spare Parts Stock

An extensive inventory of electronic PCBs, batteries, and parts are available providing you with faster service.

Quality Control Test

Repairs are put through a final Quality Control Testto fully ensure its correct operation to specifications.


Once all quality control tests are completed satisfactorily, we will carefully pack in your original box if deemed appropriate to ensure a safe trip back to your facility using a courier.

Types of Instrument Repairs at Imbotec

  1. MIZA Gloss Meter Repair
  2. MIZA Transmission - Haze Instrument Repair
  3. MIZA Humidity Hygrometers Psychrometer Repair
  4. Wagner Moisture Instrument Repair
  5. Delmhorst Moisture Meter Repair
  6. Tramex Moisture Meter Repair
  7. BEVS Coating Instrument Repair
  8. DeFelsko Coating Thickness Gauge Repair
  9. BYK Coating Thickness Gauge Repair
  10. BYK DOI Instrument Repair
  11. BYK Gloss Meter Repair
  12. QNIX Coating Thickness Gauge Repair
  13. Rhopoint Gloss Meter Repair
  14. Rhopoint DOI Repair
  15. Rhopoint Opacity - Shade Meter Repair
  16. S.E.O. Surface Tension Instruments "South Korea"  Repair
  17. Lignomat Moisture Meter Repair
  18. 3nh Gloss Meter Repair
  19. Elcometer Gloss Meter Repair