*Gloss Meter - DOI IQ

The Newest Technology for Surface Appearance Measurement

Consumers place High Value on the Surface Characteristics of a Product. Orange Peel and Haze can reduce appearance quality at all stages of manufacturing: Coating formulation, application and curing.

Why buy an IQ, not a glossmeter?

A high-quality finish is important in a huge number of industries. "High gloss, deep finish, smooth and homogeneous." Orange peel and haze have a huge impact on finish quality. Potential causes are coating formulation, substrate, application technique & conditions, drying/curing.
Rhopoint IQ™ - the ultimate glossmeter upgrade.

Who needs these extra measurements?

The Rhopoint IQ™ measures 20/60/85 degrees gloss, haze and RIQ/DOI. Proven applications in paints and coatings, powder coatings, additives, inks, plastics, wood coatings, yacht manufacture, automotive, aerospace, polished stone and metals, glass manufacture, consumer electronics, anodized metals.