Tramex MEP Moisture Encounter Plus Moisture Meter

Overview of Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus:

The Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus (MEP) is a non-destructive overall building inspection tool which has applications for numerous industries such as Water Restoration, Indoor Air Quality, Pest Control, Home Inspection and more.  

Has three separate scales to give you a better measurement of your material.  It has many unique features that make moisture measurement and evaluation fast, accurate and versatile.

The Moisture Encounter PLUS incorporates all the features and benefits found in the original Moisture Encounter such as:

  • Non-destructive moisture measurement of wood, plaster, drywall, block, brick, roofing and most materials found in the building envelope using 3 ranges of sensitivity.  Deep signal penetration to detect elevated moisture through most 
    • 1- Wood Timber
    • 2- Drywall, Roofing
    • 3- Plaster, Brick

  • covering materials such as Ceramic tile, Drywall, Carpet, Vinyl Flooring, 
    VCT, Floor Laminates, Wall Coverings, Roofing Membranes and Coatings without having to damage or puncture the materials being tested.
  • Rubber electrode pads in direct contact with material being tested for 
    better sensitivity and depth of signal penetration.

Features of the Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus:

  • Easy to read analog display
  • Three ranges of sensitivity, make it suitable for various building materials 
  • Wood/Timber 
  • Drywall/Roofing
  • Plaster/Brick
  • Pinless/Non-destructive
  • Deep signal penetration up to over 1"
  • External rubber electrodes make direct contact
  • Wide range of readings for wood of 5% to 30% and 0 to 100 comparative for all other materials
  • Hold function enables user to freeze the reading

Specifications of the Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus:

  • Size 6" x 3" x 1"
  • Weight 10 oz.
  • 9V Battery
  • 1 yr warranty


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