Cube Film Applicator 25mm-16mm-50-100µ

Description of the Cube Film Applicator:

The Imbotec Cube Film Applicator is made of hardened Stainless Steel. The cube applicator is used on the Drying Time Recorder and on the MFFTs.

Each Cube Applicator supplies two film gaps. Please see below within the Technical Specifications to determine the Cube width, Gap width, and gap height. Accurate and repeatable film thickness and film gaps permit comparisons among various samples.


Technical Specifications of the Cube Film Applicator: CA-21443

  • High-grade hardened stainless steel
  • Enable to create film strips with a high repeatability and accuracy
  • Two separate widths on each applicator
  • Cube Width: 1inch (25mm)
  • Gap Width:   0.63inch (16mm)
  • Gap Height:  1.97mil and 3.94mil (50µm and 100µm)

Order Information:

â–  Other widths and gap sizes available in stock and upon request, pls call.