Automated Particle Analyzer

Overview of Automated Particle Analyzer:

Paint, coatings and chemical manufactures know that insufficiency of over-ground material will cause loss of production time and higher costs. People used to inspect the fineness by a traditional manual method, in which observing the fineness result correctly for the same sample under different operators tends to be difficult. Due to the fact that fineness is micron level which causes the difference between true particles and air bubbles or erroneous matter.

With technology innovation and improvement, BEVS developed the advanced Automated Particle Analyzer which can automatically draw down the sample on the grind gauge, generating the image by a high-resolution camera under the light source. The image is processed by using a customized software to generate the rating on the touchscreen.

BEVS Automated Particle Analyzer can ensure repeatability and accuracy for the testing result, avoiding human errors and greatly improving production efficiency.

Technical Specifications of the Automated Particle Analyzer:

Measurement range: 8 mil (0-200μm)
Measurement accuracy: ±5%
Control method: Large touchscreen
Memory: 10GB (expandable) Cycle measurement time: 2 minutes
Supports: Single channel grind gauge 1, 2, 4mil (0-25μm, 0-50μm, 0-100 μm)

Standard equipped with one grinding gauge (Additional gauges are optional)
Operation temperature: 50ËšF to 104ËšF (10„ƒ to 40„ƒ)
Connection port: USB, VGA

Features of the Automated Particle Analyzer:

  • Automatically analyze fineness to avoid human errors
  • Automatically draw down coatings to avoid operation errors
  • Built-in computer operating system
  • Simple operation by touchscreen
  • Easy to analyze particle distribution
  • Easy to view image
  • Big database to save parameter setting of various coatings
  • Quickly take a photo in 5 seconds to avoid sample dry
  • VGA port available to connect other display screens

Standard of the Automated Particle Analyzer:

ISO 1524


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