Aqua Measure AM-III Paper Moisture Meter

Overview of Aqua MEasure AM-III Paper Moisture Meter:

The Aqua Measure AM-III Paper and Pulp Moisture Meter is a portable meter with stainless steel, heavy gauge rollers that permit instantaneous readings on high-speed reels.  The meter measures moisture content from 0-15% and penetrates a minimum of 2".  The Aqua Measure Model AM-III is the only preprogrammed portable paper & pulp moisture analyzer designed specifically to measure and display paper moisture on a direct reading digital basis. 

The Aqua Measure AM-III meter can obtain readings on moving or stationary rolls, stacks or reams.  Unlike other paper meters this meter has a field selection of up to 11 Calibration Curve Pairs such as envelope stock, bleached sulfite boards, hardboard, roofing paper, sheet plastics (PVC & Acrylic) etc.  You can adjust the calibration curves by using a four section "DIP" switch which is located inside the meter.  This meter differs from the others because the calibration curves can be adjusted which can allow you to measure different types if paper or a moisture content of up to 20%.  This meter comes complete with a Battery Charger and carrying case.  

Great Features of the Aqua MEasure AM-III Paper Moisture Meter:

  • Digital Display
  • Double sealed precision bearings
  • 2" and Greater Penetration
  • 4 Section DIP switch
  • Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel Rollers
  • Rechargeable Battery and Charger included
  • Included Carrying Case
  • Measures 0 to 15 percent moisture range
  • Protected against static discharges

Specs of the Aqua MEasure AM-III Paper Moisture Meter:

  • Power 115V
  • Size 15" x 15" x 11" (38 x 38 x 28cm)
  • Weight 12lbs
  • 1 yr warranty

Applications of Aqua MEasure AM-III Paper Moisture Meter:

€€œ Bleached Sulphite Board €€œ Liner Board
€€œ Bond Paper €€œ Market Pulp
€€œ Corrugating Medium €€œ Newsprint
€€œ Creped Wadding €€œ Particle Board
€€œ Disposable Diapers €€œ Roofing Felt
€€œ Envelope Stock €€œ Release Paper
€€œ Fiber Mat €€œ Tissue
€€œ Glassine €€œ Tobacco Paper
€€œ Hardboard €€œ Toweling
€€œ Jute €€œ Tube Stock


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