About Us - Our Company History


WELCOME To Imbotec Group and our new revamped website Imbotech.com with our personal line of high quality and user tested products; "MIZA Instruments"!MIZA®, our Reg. TM for our finest Line of high-quality products.

We continue with our goal as a Professional Sales and Service / Calibration / Repair company located in the third largest city in North America "USA/Canada". We specialize in Business-to-Business transactions with large corporations in the technical field of Quality Control Instrument Sales. Our founder, an engineer with four decades of experience started in Product Management in Rhode Island, New York and in Canada bringing technical ideas to real products primarily in Measurement Instruments.
Our mission to provide you, our customer, the very finest quality of product and Service at the best price and with the quickest Turnaround time in the Industry for instrument calibration.

MIZA Instruments - Because Quality Matters

As the founder of MIZA Instruments, I have personally searched and travelled around the world for the top products for the best value (quality and price) that North Americans expect. You’ll find only the newest proven and tested solutions in North America by Americans and Canadians; with the outstanding quality you expect. Our employees are native speakers of English, Spanish & French covering all three standard languages of North America.

Founder of Imbotec Group

After making some life changes in the early 2000s and leaving a position as Technical Manager at ABB providing $M+ Solutions to the P&P industry, I decided to turn a dream into reality. That was the beginning of the idea of forming a company to be proud of. I started with a notepad only, from nothing by selling QC instrumentation to Pulp & Paper mills and Steam Control equipment to offshore oil rigs and other companies. As an engineer, I had experience in Product Color & Appearance measurement & development and Steam Handling Equipment from my previous life. The business quickly grew, and we expanded into Calibrations for laboratory equipment. Now we carry various lines and an expanded set of measurement Products such as Color Colorimeters & Spectrophotometers, Gloss Meters, Moisture measurement devices for multiple industries, Transmittance, Clarity, Haze in Transmission and Reflection, DOI and much more. We are very excited to bring quality instruments and meters with North American Pre-Sales, Post Sales, Service and Calibrations at a GREAT PRICE! 

Our Customers

Our list of North American Customers reaches in the three thousands after twenty years in business. Our customers range from Fortune 500 to small companies. A brief list of our successful customers are; 3M, Akzo Nobel, Alcoa, Amazon, Apple, BASF, Boeing, Bombardier, CDN & US Army, Corning, Daimler, Dell, Eastman Kodak, FLIR, TESLA & over a dozen Universities, in industries from Aerospace, Agriculture, Architectural, Automotive, Aviation, Paint & Coatings, Polished Concrete, Construction, Defense, Dentistry, Education, Farming, Food, Gov't, Health, Medical, Pharma, Steel, & Transportation. As you can see, we have a diverse group of customers. Keeping them happy is a full-time job we all enjoy.
We hope to have you, as our trusted customer in our ability to provide you with the right solution.
Thank You to all our Customers.