!MIZA Instruments - Complete List

High Quality well-priced Instruments trademarked, inspected, calibrated to ISO on ISO17025 Standards by the Imbotec Group Laboratory. MIZA products with an unparalleled Warranty of "Three (3) Years" are used by  Laboratories, Manufacturers, and professional Contractors across the Americas. The MIZA brand debuted during 2015-16. The brand originated by the requirement to supply high Quality products but at a lower price level to our established customers that expected service, quality and a reputable company that was backed by a knowledgeable staff, great customer  service and a super warranty and not to mention our ISO calibration laboratory services. To maintain our reputation, we trademarked products that met these guidelines for our customers.

The MIZA Trademarked brand guarantees a quality product backed by a company in North America for North Americans with a knowledgeable staff of the industry and products.

The MIZA product line's present focus is on measurement niche products for a multitude of industries.

MIZA Products Measure;

  1. Color
  2. Gloss
  3. Haze Reflectance
  4. Haze Transmission
  5. Transmittance
  6. Clarity
  7. Opacity - Shade
  8. Coating Thickness
  9. Coating Testing Instruments
    1. Washability Abrasion Scrub Tester
    2. Krebs Viscosity Viscometer Auto Lift Touch Screen
    3. Drying Time Recorder - Touch Screen
    4. Scratch Testers - Touch Screen
    5. Laboratory Mixers - Touch Screen
    6. Manual Film Applicators
    7. Automatic Film Applicators - Touch Screen
    8. Adhesion
    9. Mandrel Testers: Cylindrical & Conical
    10. Impact Testers
  10. Psychrometers 
  11. For more products, check out the Imbotec Group Line of products 

In late 2019 MIZA gained another product line to measure Transmittance and Transmittance Haze. In 2021 we also include Clarity and Color measurements along with Transmittance and Haze all in one instrument. 

In 2019 we introduced a specialized line of small Portable Gloss Measurement Instruments to measure curved surfaces and small surface areas. This new product costs a fraction of the older Novo Curve that we have sold over the years into niche market applications.

Along with the Color, Haze and Transmission instruments, we now also carry ASTM Transmission Standards and ASTM Haze Transmission Standards for the recalibration of MIZA and BYK Haze Gard Instruments. 

During the COVID Pandemic, we have postponed our installation and startup of our top of the line Color & Transmission - Haze - Clarity Tabletop Instruments.