**Gloss Meters by MIZA

Miza Gloss Meters are of high quality at a value price where customers understand what they get versus the gloss meters worth thousands more and get little for the difference. MIZA glossmeters are Imbotec's trademarked brand that is not only tested by us but Calibrated in North America to 2021 ISO 17025 Calibrated Standards. These standards cost thousands and then cost thousands to calibrate to ISO 17025, the highest calibration level available. MIZA Gloss Meters will measure as accurately as any meter worth thousands more and does show how inaccurate the low gloss meters are that flood the market.

MIZA Gloss Meters come with a 3 Year Warranty, unlike all others.  If you are serious about Appearance Measurements of Gloss, Color, Haze, DOI, Transmission Haze, you can trust MIZA with Service, Calibration, and Sales all local in North America.