2a. Calibration of Haze Transmission Instruments & Standards

Calibration Service of Haze Transmission Transmittance Instruments and Standards

The ASTM D1003 Imbotec MIZA Transmission Haze Transmittance meters are serviced and calibrated in America either at our facility within a week or optionally on-site at your location (during non-COVID). Alternatively we can also calibrate your Standards at Imbotec and then you can check your instrument.

To have your Haze Standards Calibrated call for an RMA to send in your standards.

Calibrations at Imbotec are performed in a timely fashion normally within one week.


Please call Imbotec Service at 1-866-462-6832 (866.IMB.OTEC) to schedule your instrument through our RMA system.


SERVICE   Service - Transmission Haze Meter Calibration   Model
SERVICE   Calibration of Transmission Haze Meters      (Certificate Extra)    
SERVICE Imb Calibration of TrHz-22 Transmission Haze Meter   SV-20000
SERVICE Imb Calibration of TrHz-33 Transmission Haze Meter   SV-20010
SERVICE Imb Calibration of TrHz-55 Transmission Haze Meter   SV-20020
SERVICE Imb Calibration of TrHz-77 Transmission Haze Meter   SV-20030
SERVICE   Calibration of Transmission Standards       (Certificate Extra)    
SERVICE Imb Calibration of One (1) Transmission Standard   SV-20100
SERVICE Imb Calibration of Three (3) Transmission Standards   SV-20110
SERVICE Imb Calibration of Five (5) Transmission Standards   SV-20120
SERVICE   Calibration of Haze Standards    
SERVICE Imb Calibration of One (1) Haze Standard   SV-20130
SERVICE Imb Calibration of Three (3) Haze Standards   SV-20140
SERVICE Imb Calibration of Five (5) Haze Standards   SV-20150
SERVICE Imb Calibration Certificate for Haze/Transmission Standards   SV-20200

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