*MIZA 20° 60° 85° Tri Gloss Meter Glossmeter - 3 Year Warranty & ISO Cert.

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MIZA 20-60-85 Gloss Meter

ASTM D 523 Miza GJ-10000 Trigloss 20°60°85° Gloss and Haze meter approved by Amazon

The MIZA GJ-10000 trigloss 20-60-85 is without a doubt the world's best value and accurate to ASTM/ISO BAM triple angle 20-60-85 degree angle glossmeter for the money. This purchase guarantees you a gloss meter at a great price that will last many years. We offer a three-year warranty which means it will last a very long time indeed. A beautiful ergonomic unit with a super clear LCD display.

We are U.S. & Canadian Authorized distributor for many products to test appearance, color, haze (both Tr & Refl.), gloss meters, and many other physical testing equipment in the coatings industry. We only supply our customers with reputable quality equipment.





Features of the MIZA 20-60-85  triple angle gloss meter: 

  • Traceable to NIST Certificate with Gloss Values
  • Three (3) Full Years of Warranty - Longest in the Industry
  • Approved by Amazon
  • Memory: 10,000 measurements or 999 data groups
  • Power Supply: A single AA battery
  • Comes with Glossmeter, calibration holder with working standard, traceable certificate, user's manual, carrying bag.

Specifications of the MIZA GJ-10000 Trigloss gloss meter:

  • Measuring Range: 0 - 2000 GU @ 60°
  • Deviation: ±1.5 GU or ±1.5%
  • Measuring Area: 9 x 10 / 9 x 16 / 5 x 39 mm @ 20/60/85
  • Measuring Angle: 20°- 60° - 85°
  • Dimension: 6x2x3" (155 x 48 x 75 mm)
  • Weight: 0.89lbs (400g)
  • Power Supply: 1 AA battery
  • Standards Gloss: ASTM D 523 ISO 2813
  • Standards Haze : ASTM D 4039


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Benefits & Reasons to Purchase a MIZA Gloss Meter Today:

  • Sold by a company specializing in appearance, i.e. Gloss measurements for two decades
  • Certifies MIZA, BYK, Rhopoint, Elcometer, TQC, and other Gloss meters in its laboratory
  • Services and Repairs Glossmeters (MIZA, Rhopoint, KSJ, Elcometer, BYK, TQC)
  • Best Value Glossmeter in the Industry providing value, service, knowledge at a low cost
  • Similar Measurement Specs as the more expensive Glossmeters
  • Longest Most Comprehensive WARRANTY - 3 Full Years
  • New Ergonomic and Lighter Design
  • A corporation in business serving customers since the 90's with satisfaction - BBB Member w/ A+ rating
  • Amazon Robot Facility approved

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