Gloss Meter | Glossmeter ISO Calibration

ISO Gloss Meter Calibration Service with 2021 ISO 17025 Calibration Standards.

Imbotec Group Calibration Services has several decades of experience in Gloss Meter and Gloss Sensor Calibration.

We truly specialize in Gloss Meter Calibration.

Our latest batch of Gloss Measurement Standards in 2021 are ISO 17025 Calibrated for 20, 60, and 85 degrees. Our 45 and 75 degree Tiles are not ISO 17025 Calibrated because ISO 17025 does not exist for both 45 & 75°, thus the 45 and 75 degree tiles are ISO certified by a third party laboratory that is ISO 17025 Certified.

We have over a dozen Calibrated Gloss Meter Standards to quantify how well your gloss meter measures and then adjust  or calibrate so it measures as best as it can. If requested, we can also optimize the measurement accuracy for a certain gloss range.

Our turnaround time for Gloss Meter Calibration is normally within a week of receipt.

Our Gloss Meter Calibration Certificates include pre and post measurements. Our Diamond Certificate includes four sets of values for before and after calibration so you can tell what the effect of the calibration was and whether you were in or out of tolerance prior to sending your gloss meter in to our calibration services.

Many smaller services will normally have less than three total standards to judge whether your gloss meter works well and from this data calibrate it to a value. We measure over a dozen calibration standards and then adjust for a best fit curve on the range of the geometry being calibrated. Imbotec group optimize per geometry for OPTIMAL Results.