Elcometer Gloss Meter Alternative

Why choose an alternative to the Elcometer Gloss Meter: the MIZA Gloss Meter by Imbotec Group?

While people perhaps know the name Elcometer, Imbotec Group has been selling and manufacturing gloss meters for much longer than Elcometer!

Elcometer sells many products while Imbotec Group Specializes mostly in Gloss Meters, thus are much more familiar with Gloss Applications, Calibration and Service. 

Imbotec Group HQ is based in here in North America closer to its American and Canadian client base while Elcometer HQ is based overseas.

MIZA Gloss Meters are much more reasonably priced than the much more expensive Elcometer which can come close to 100% more in some cases than the Imbotec Group's MIZA Brand. 

MIZA Gloss Meters have more models to choose from than Elcometer does.

MIZA Gloss Meter Warranties by Imbotec Group are for a long three years, while Elcometer offers much less for their warranty.

MIZA Calibration Services are much faster than Elcometer so you get your meter back quicker and for cheaper. Our Gloss Meter Calibration results offer both before and after results for four areas of the gloss meter range.

Need more reasons to Choose a better value gloss Meter than Elcometer, give us a call at 886-482-6832 to discuss the perfect gloss meter for your application.